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$3,000 stipend to appointed Administrative Chief Resident

Books & Study Material

Williams Obstetrics – Latest Ed.

Williams Gynecology -

Latest Ed.

Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology & Infertility – Latest Ed.

Comprehensive Handbook Obstetrics & Gynecology

Clinical Gynecologic Oncology - Latest Ed.

ACOG PROLOG:: Complete set of six books

$300 allowance for ABOG Certifying Exam prep


ASCCP Colposcopy Course

CREOG Leadership Workshop

Board-Review Course


  • Each resident (All PGY levels) is allowed a maximum of 3 weeks (15 working days and 5 weekend days) paid vacation leave per academic year
  • No carry-over from year to year
  • Vacation days are compiled by the Chief Resident at the start of each academic year.

Sick Days

  • Each resident (All PGY levels) is allowed 10 paid sick days of leave per academic year
  • No carry-over from year to year

Academic Leave

  • PGY2, PGY3, & PGY4 residents are allowed leave for specified CME-related activities.
  • Absences for Abstract Presentations accepted at National/Regional conferences will be allowed
  • PGY-1 time off for USMLE Step III

Interview Leave

  • PGY4 residents are allowed up to 3 days for interviewing for new educational or professional positions.

Personal leave

  • In accordance with Methodist Health System Employee Policy - Including FMLA (short and long-term illness, maternity, parental, bereavement, etc.)


  • Faculty Wellness coach (Certified Mayo Clinic Wellness Training) available
  • Wellness Wednesdays – Quarterly “off” time for personal needs
  • Access to Methodist Health System Employee Wellness Program
  • Free access to Folsom Fitness Center at MDMC

Meals & Meal Cards

  • Meal cards issued annually and loaded based upon 12-hour shift of weekend call with a value of $11.38 per meal
  • Breakfast and Lunch provided during Wednesday didactics
  • Quarterly PD/Resident dinners and/or breakfasts

Lab Coats

  • (1) Lab coat issued per year

Electronic Allowance

  • $400 allowance towards the purchase of a new smartphone or tablet

Travel Stipend

  • $2,500 Travel allowance for abstract presentations accepted at national/regional conferences


  • Professional protection insurance, group life, and disability insurance
  • Hospitalization insurance for physician and immediate family (spouse and children) will be provided by Methodist Health System under the Enhanced/Tax Saver Plan
  • Under the Medical Reimbursement Plan, Methodist Health System will contribute $2,000 to your account that can be used to pay for health care related expenses that are not reimbursed or covered by the Enhanced plan
  • Dental insurance is an optional benefit for residents and eligible family members at Methodist Health System’s group rates and, if chosen, is the responsibility of the resident


  • Upon completion of one year of employment with Methodist Health System, residents are eligible to participate in the hospital retirement plan. The hospital will match contributions to this plan up to 2.5% of base pay.