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Geriatric Medicine Track

The Elizabeth Crawford Geriatric Medicine Track
Elizabeth Crawford and her husband, program founder, Dr. Frank Crawford

This Geriatric Medicine Track is available to a maximum of two residents per year who match into our residency program.

The goals of the Geriatric Medicine training track are:

  • To provide the resident with the skills and knowledge needed to become competent and proficient when caring for geriatric patients in their practice
  • To gain experience in geriatric health maintenance, geriatric syndromes, and geriatrics’ procedures
  • To prepare the resident for a future geriatric medicine fellowship
Doctor with senior patient

Educational Opportunities

  • Geriatric medicine lecture series
  • Geriatric interdisciplinary team approach
  • Geriatric medicine round table
  • Geriatric medicine research

Practical Sites

  • Hospital inpatients
  • Home visits
  • Inpatient hospice
  • Nursing home
  • Outpatient geriatric clinic

PGY-1:Dr. Bassem Elsawy with a patient
The first-year Geriatric Medicine training track includes:

  • Developing knowledge of the core concepts of geriatric medicine
  • Receipt of a copy of the Geriatric Review Syllabus
  • Developing proficiency in performing geriatric patient assessments
  • Involvement in a geriatric medicine research project under the supervision of a geriatric medicine advisor
  • Frequent interaction with the geriatric medicine advisor regarding the resident's elderly patients.

The second-year Geriatric Medicine training track includes:

  • A one-month geriatrics rotation, focusing on interdisciplinary team approach, geriatric psychiatry
  • Assignment to a nursing home, providing continuity of patient care through graduation
  • Presentation of a journal topic in the field of geriatric medicine.
  • Attendance at a geriatrics-related continuing medical education (CME) opportunity
  • Collaboration with our research director on a project pertaining to geriatrics.

The third-year Geriatric Medicine training track includes:

  • A second one-month geriatric medicine rotation, including time spent with inpatient hospice,
    PM&R, PT/OT/ST, wound care and hyperbaric therapy, and nursing home and home visits
  • Opportunity to complete a hospice elective
  • Presentation of a geriatric medicine research project on research day
  • Participation in the geriatric medicine lecture series.