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General Surgery Residency Program at Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Methodist Dallas Medical Center is a Level I Trauma Center. To best serve our community and maintain accreditation, we partnered with the Clinical Research Institute (CRI) to provide resources for our general surgeons and General Surgery residents interested in clinical research. Residents are encouraged to be active participants in clinical research projects and have the ability to conduct their own studies with support from faculty. Methodist’s Graduate Medical Education Department will cover the cost of transportation, lodging, and meals for residents with accepted presentations at local, national, or international conferences. Within the CRI, a Clinical Research Scientist and Trial Manager, a Clinical Research Coordinator, Medical Student Interns, and a Lead Medical Writer are all available to support residents through the entire research process.

Heather Grossman Verner MS, ACRP-CP

Anne Murray PhD, MWC

Cynthia Villalta, DO

Scholarly Activity:

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Book Chapters:

Mason D, Browne T. Book Chapter, Pearson Thoracic Surgery, In Progress, 2023.

Kukreja A, Burroughs M. SAGES Manual, Book Chapter – Fluorescence Guided Surgery: Use of Fluorescence Guidance in Bariatric Surgery, Submitted for publication, 2022.


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Baskin R, Puri V. ESOT (European Society for Organ Transplantation) Congress 2023, Athens Greece. Resting left ventricular outflow tract obstruction causing critical illness: To transplant or not to transplant? Abstract accepted for presentation; Meeting to be held: September, 2023.