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Methodist Employer Wellness Solutions

You have the power to help your employees live a long and healthy life

At Methodist Health System, our mission is to improve and save lives through compassionate quality health care. With more than 85 years of experience serving the needs of North Texas, we’ve earned a reputation as a trustworthy health care provider. Our mission can be delivered to our community through partnering with employers and organizations like you.

Methodist Employer Wellness Solutions are interactive wellness systems that ensure your employees feel their best. We facilitate more personal, meaningful care for your employees through various programs, all with the same goal in mind: improve the health of your team.

Benefits of Methodist Employer Wellness Solutions:

  1. Improved employee health
  2. Reduced health care costs
  3. Increased productivity
  4. Reduced absenteeism
  5. Development of a culture of wellness


Our Mpower employer wellness services include:

  • Wellness Coaching
    • One on one employee support
    • Highly credentialed coaches can aid in weight management, diabetes prevention, nutrition, tobacco cessation, exercise, and more
  • Wellness Sessions and Health Improvement Programs
  • Methodist Clinic Services
    • Onsite flu clinics
    • Preventive exams: skin screenings, mammograms
    • Physician presentations
  • Account Management Support
    • Wellness coordinator is available to support your wellness programming needs
    • Learn more about the Mpower program

Reach out to us for more questions or to request more information at:


Methodist Alliance for Patients and Physicians (MAP2) is a program designed to be your employee’s go-to resource when trying to receive the medical care and support they need. Through coordinated care, your employees spend less time at the doctor’s office filling out paperwork, and more time focusing on their health and wellbeing.

MAP2 Provides:

  • Care navigators to help ease the hassle of finding the right physician or connecting them to a personal/financial health coach
  • Less time filling out paperwork, and less time getting test results. Through coordinated care, the physicians and nurses in the MAP2team have access to view recent blood work, Emergency Room visits and outcomes, and the entire medical history of their patient. This allows for less time repeating the same information to numerous physicians, and less money spent getting the same bloodwork done multiple times a year.

MAP2 is the new operating name, and expanded program, for the Methodist Patient-Centered Accountable Care Organization (MPCACO). MPCACO has achieved nationally recognized success in improving the quality of care given to patients. Experience the award-winning coordinated care of MAP2.

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At Methodist, we care about the people and workplaces that make our community great. We look forward to working with you to manage the cost of health care and foster healthier, more productive work environments.

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*Provided through Methodist Family Health Centers. All Methodist Family Health Centers are owned and operated by MedHealth and are staffed by independently practicing physicians who are employees of MedHealth. The physicians and staff who provide services at Methodist Family Health Centers are not employees or agents of Methodist Health System.