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Meet our Residents

Methodist Family Medicine Residents

Physician-graduates of the Methodist Health System Family Medicine Residency Program often cite five factors for their successful transition to private practice:

  • The diversity of a fast-growing patient population in the Dallas service area.
  • Exceptional hands-on experience in a progressive community care clinic
  • Broad-based inpatient care in a busy acute-care hospital without competition from specialty residency programs
    (Family Medicine is the only residency program at Methodist Charlton)
  • Support of a committed, knowledgeable faculty and staff in a progressive, evidence-based, research-focused family medicine program
  • The opportunity to work among a diverse group of allopathic and osteopathic physicians, which mirrors real-world practice.

Below are the physicians currently completing their Family Medicine residency at Methodist Charlton in Dallas:

Class of 2024

Class of 2024

Left to Right:

  • Katherine Deagan, DO
  • Gabrielle Russell, MD
  • Chelsea Shine, DO
  • Carli Joy Beyer, DO
  • Nidhi Patel, DO
  • Brandon Sivoravong, DO

Carli Joy Beyer, DO

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Hobbies: Traveling, drinking coffee, playing piano, binge watching Netflix, shopping, interior design, and game nights

Why Methodist Charlton? This program is small, unopposed, and filled with the most incredible people! It is such a welcoming, supportive environment which is exactly what I was looking for in my residency training. The educational tracks are a great opportunity to customize your residency experience to your personal interests. My husband and I couples matched and Dallas was an amazing place for us to match together. I could not be happier that I matched at Methodist Charlton!

Career Goals: I am passionate about geriatrics and integrative medicine. I would love to work in an outpatient family medicine setting and incorporate nursing home/hospice care into my daily practice.

Brandon Sivoravong, DO

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Hobbies: I enjoy working out and watching Netflix shows during the week. On the weekends, I love watching Formula One races and hanging out with friends and family. When I have more time, my girlfriend and I enjoy trying new restaurants and traveling.

Why Methodist Charlton? While going to school in DFW, I always heard great things about this program and after I got to see it for myself, it was obvious why. All of the residents and faculty are extremely friendly, approachable and happy to teach. Having multiple faculty with broad scopes of training allows us to get excellent training in whatever our interests be. Being able to stay close to home while serving the community at an unopposed residency program has been a dream come true.

Career Goals: I’m interested in OMT, Sports Medicine and Geriatrics and plan to go into academic medicine teaching residents and students.

Katherine Deagan, DO

Hometown: Canton, OH

Hobbies: traveling, time with friends and family, fashion, foodie, pilates, yoga, music/sports outings

Why Methodist Charlton? Methodist was my first choice because of its osteopathic recognition and integrative medicine track! I was really drawn to having a female D.O. in leadership who was also involved in expanding the integrative medicine program here! Everyone was so kind and I was able to feel comfortable and at home even through a zoom interview! I love big cities and wanted a change from Ohio as well.

Career Goals: I see myself working in outpatient primary care focusing on preventative and integrative medicine. I’d love to one day have my own concierge or direct primary care practice!

Nidhi Patel, DO

Hometown: Gandhinagar, India and Fort Worth, TX

Hobbies: baking, hot yoga, exploring coffee shops and restaurants, interior design, traveling, finding good shopping deals

Why Methodist Charlton? Having moved to DFW from India, I really found a home and community in this city and did not wish to move away for training. Hence, location was a big factor for me. Charlton being a community based unopposed program, with a smaller class size was an appealing aspect as well. The leadership and faculty at the program really do put the residents at the forefront of everything they do! Not to mention that anyone within the family medicine sphere that I spoke to only had wonderful things to say about the curriculum organization, and training quality that this program provides!!

Career Goals: My interests include women and children’s health, integrative medicine, and procedures! I hope to incorporate all of these in an outpatient clinic in DFW.

Gabrielle Russell, MD

Hometown: Washington, DC

Hobbies: grocery shopping, traveling, creating random art (miniature sofa making), swimming, bingeing on The Walking Dead, playing tag/hide-and-seek with my cats

Why Methodist Charlton? The faculty and residents have been warm and welcoming from the start. They go above and beyond to ensure that our patients receive the best care, but beyond just managing patient symptoms. As a physician coming from an allopathic background, it has been inspiring to be surrounded by so many doctors with osteopathic backgrounds. It challenges me to look beyond a patient's presenting illness and to think more about the whole person; their culture, spirituality, social determinants, emotions, and how these things contribute to their illness. Likewise, Methodist is one of the few programs that offers an integrative medicine track. Methodist just feels right!

Career Goals: I am passionate about global medicine and integrative medicine. I would enjoy the opportunity to work in multiple settings inpatient, outpatient, and globally.

Chelsea Shine

Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX

Hobbies: Gardening, yoga, exploring new cities with my husband, walking my dog, cooking

Why Methodist Charlton? I chose Methodist because of the awesome people, good work-life balance, and track opportunities. I liked that the program is small and Unopposed. During my audition rotation, I felt instantly welcomed and thought the residents were incredibly competent and well-supported by the faculty.

Career Goals: Outpatient Medicine

Class of 2025

Class of 2024

Left to Right:

  • Rohan Sebastian, MD
  • Malak El-Sherif, DO
  • Sarah Ahmed, MD
  • Daeija Lewis, DO
  • Rozen Gilerman, DO
  • Kyle Yen, DO

Sarah Ahmed, MD

Hometown: Richardson, TX

Hobbies: Traveling, photography, true crime documentaries, reality TV, spending time with family and friends, interior design

Why Methodist Charlton? Methodist always had a special place in my heart as my family would always seek care at our local Methodist hospital. Being from the DFW area, it was very important for me to be back home and serve the community as a family medicine physician. My feelings for the program were confirmed during my interview as the residents, staff, and faculty were warm and welcoming. It was evident to me that Methodist Charlton would be the ideal place for me to conduct my training with the breadth of opportunities available, and that I would be supported and cared for while doing so.

Career Goals: I would love to have my own primary care clinic one day focusing on preventative and integrative medicine, and to also be able to perform a range of procedures for my patients. I would also like to be involved in academics teaching students and residents.

Malak El-Sherif, DO

Hometown: Plano, Texas

Hobbies: creating artwork- anything from a painting to redesigning shoes; collecting seashells along the beaches I visit globally; visiting international art museums; playing videogames- Uncharted, Kingdom hearts, Last of Us; hanging out with family & friends; binging Netflix and Marvel shows/movies

Why Methodist Charlton? When researching residency programs, Methodist caught my attention on many levels and then the interview was the final seal. The program checked every box I had in mind regarding what I wanted to get out my training and it was unique to find that all in ONE program, more so in one back home for me in Dallas. Having gone to med school out of state, I was striving to return to Texas to serve the community I knew growing up, so Methodist Charlton was the dream program, and I am grateful to have been blessed with this opportunity. Every person I have met starting way back in interview season has been more than willing to support me through my goals and to work with me to create unique opportunities that correlate with my desires.

Career Goals: I hope to focus in on women’s health, continue to do OMM, do global health, and do tons of procedures. I also would love to get the opportunity to teach medical students and lower-level residents as I go along my training as tutoring was a passion of mine years past.

Rozen Gilerman, DO

Hometown: Plano, Texas

Hobbies: Spending time with family, video games, and traveling

Why Methodist Charlton? Throughout medical school I had always heard about Charlton as being a program that truly values it’s residents, it’s a place where you are treated like family. When I interviewed here, I felt that instant connection and saw how happy the residents were. I also wanted to join a rigorous program that offered a good work/life balance. On top of that, the program offers so many different tracks and opportunities that help you shape your future practice. Lastly, the benefits that the program provides for the residents are unmatched.

Career Goals: I’d love to work in the field of Geriatrics and use Osteopathic manipulative medicine in my practice.

Daeija Lewis , DO

Hometown: Bay City, Texas

Hobbies: walking trails, reading, watching movies, singing, traveling, trying new restaurants

Why Methodist Charlton? It was during my interviews I realized this was the place for me. It was where I felt the most comfortable and could really let my personality show even though they were virtual interviews. I knew I wanted that to be in an environment that I felt safe in and felt like I was going to be part of a family. Every day I come in I know that Charlton was the best choice.

Career Goals: I’m interested in integrative medicine and teaching opportunities.

Rohan Sebastian, MD

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Hobbies: Sports, technology, business, stocks, spending time with family and friends, playing with my sister's golden retriever, trying new restaurants, watching movies.

Why Methodist Charlton? I chose Methodist Charlton because it was clear from my interviews that this program offered a well-established, high volume clinic and I was confident that at the end of my training, I would become a strong clinician and be exposed to wide-ranging pathologies. I also found that the Program Director, residents, and all the staff were extremely approachable and ready to help foster my many interests. As an MD, I was also excited to get exposure to OMM and have the resources to pursue sports medicine, learn procedures, and be exposed to administration- all while living in the great city of Dallas!

Career Goals: I hope to pursue sports medicine, perform wide-ranging outpatient procedures, and become adept with ultrasound. I also hope to be involved with new medical technology and utilize my MBA to become involved in healthcare administration.

Kyle Yen, DO

Hometown: Plano, TX

Hobbies: Escape rooms, basketball, running 5k's to half marathons, playing the piano and violin, and spending time with my family, friends, and golden retriever.

Why Methodist Charlton? During my 3rd year of medical school, I kept hearing great things about Methodist Charlton from my mentors and how I would become an excellent family medicine physician if I entered this program. I attended an info session hosted by the program and was immediately impressed with the quality of education the residents received here. It is a small, community-based, and unopposed program that has been established for more than 40 years and offers multiple tracks to suit whichever area of family medicine you are interested in. The attendings on faculty here absolutely love to teach and have been such an invaluable and approachable resource to all of us. The program also has a great work-life balance, incredible benefits, and a friendly group of residents that make it enjoyable to come into work every morning.

Career Goals: I would like to work at an outpatient clinic in DFW located near a college or medical school where I would be able to teach pre-meds who shadow me or medical students who do their family medicine rotation with me.

Class of 2026

Left to Right:

  • Benjamin Son, DO
  • Krista Cook, MD
  • Jazmin Brito, DO
  • Chandana Tatineni, DO
  • Caroline Kelley, DO
  • Felipe Solares, MD

Jazmin Brito, DO

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Hobbies: pottery (specifically wheel throwing), watching horror movies and reality TV, and karaoke

Why Methodist Charlton? I first came to know Methodist as a scribe in the ER fresh out of college, and came back to audition as a 4th year medical student. The faculty, residents, and staff were all so welcoming and supportive during my time here that I knew this was the place I’d want to train for residency. The community is diverse and with the tracks in Integrative Medicine and Osteopathic Recognition, I found I could personalize my training to match my future career goals. I’m grateful I matched here, and excited to grow alongside my colleagues.

Career Goals: I aspire to have my own practice, where I can incorporate integrative medicine and OMT. I also have an interest in wellness and aesthetics, so I plan to explore the possibility of establishing a med spa in the future as well.

Krista Cook, MD

Hometown: Hanover Park , IL

Hobbies: cooking, trying out new restaurants and blogging about them, traveling, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and watching romantic comedies.

Why Methodist Charlton? My interview confirmed this was the place for me! During the interview, I was so taken aback at how relaxed everyone made me feel – and also at how passionate the faculty and residents were about quality patient care. I wanted to be at a place that put patient care first – that doesn’t just talk about it but takes action through community and assistance programs. This program aligned with my values and aspirations, and I knew it would cultivate me into the physician I aspire to be.

Career Goals: I would like to start a multi-specialist medical group that provides care within low socioeconomic communities. I would also like to advocate for healthcare reforms by collaborating with local and federal government officials.

Caroline Kelley, DO

Hometown: Walnut Ridge, AR

Hobbies: Enjoying family and friends, walking my dogs, listening to true crime podcasts, exercise, English literature

Why Methodist Charlton? I am not from Dallas and stumbled upon Methodist Charlton during my extensive residency program search. I was immediately drawn to the uniquely inclusive training in integrative medicine, sports medicine, osteopathy, and behavioral health. I understood in my interview and visit to Methodist Charlton that I not only had an incredible training opportunity, but that I would be entering a professional environment that places compassion for patients, and each other, at highest value.

Career Goals: My brother, a neuropsychology candidate, and I hope to open a collaborative wellness clinic honoring individual whole health. I have broad interests in preventative, holistic care that I hope to use to naturally bridge health care gaps. My favorite part of Family Medicine is educating and empowering patients to be advocates for their own health, and I know Methodist Charlton will provide and encourage the training necessary for me to achieve my goals.

Felipe Solares, MD

Hometown: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Hobbies: Aviation, spending time with friends and family, travelling, reading

Why Methodist Charlton? The people at Methodist Charlton were some of the kindest I encountered during interview season, and that became even more apparent once residency started. The faculty and staff go above and beyond to make sure we are learning and doing well in our professional and personal lives. In addition, the amount of pathology we see provides great learning opportunities. For these reasons and more, Methodist Charlton is a great place to train and to become a well-rounded family doctor.

Career Goals: My goal is to become a well-rounded, full scope family doctor in a private practice.

Benjamin Son, DO

Hometown: Grapevine, TX

Hobbies: Discovering restaurants, playing pickleball, going to the gym, binging TV shows, hanging with friends, and playing with my dog.

Why Methodist Charlton? After auditioning and interviewing at Methodist Charlton, it become clear that this was where I wanted to be. All of the residents and faculty were genuinely happy to be there and to offer their help. Residents got along with each other, and faculty emphasized providing the environment to be able to do so. Also, the intimacy of a hospital with just 18 total FM residents provides the perfect, unopposed learning environment to spend three years of residency training alongside wonderful, widely specialized faculty.

Career Goals: I would like to practice outpatient medicine and explore the business side of the field.

Chandana C. Tatineni, DO

Hometown: Carrollton, TX

Hobbies: Reading Webtoons, watching Netflix, board-game nights, fashion, exploring new food/restaurants, spending time with family and friends

Why Methodist Charlton? I knew this was the place for me after completing my Family Medicine core rotation here as a 3rd-year medical student and an audition rotation as a 4th-year medical student. This program has various tracks and numerous opportunities to help me tailor my education and training to reach my full potential. The attendings, residents, and staff are so kind and helpful; they always made me feel included, and it felt like the perfect, supportive environment for me to grow as a resident. I wanted to stay close to home and I felt a strong connection with this community-based program in Dallas. I am beyond thankful to have been matched here to my #1 program.

Career Goals: My interests include women’s health, behavioral health, preventative care, and procedures. I would like to work in an academic setting where I can mentor and teach residents and medical students.