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Teaching patients how to manage diabetes at home

Methodist Health System can help educate and support people as they work to manage diabetes and build healthy lifestyles.

Diabetes support groups, classes, events, and seminars can help:

  • Educate people about diabetes, including types of diabetes, signs, diabetes symptoms, prevention, management, and treatment of diabetes
  • Advise individuals on the dangers of uncontrolled diabetes
  • Explain how to monitor blood sugar, what blood sugar levels should be, and how blood sugar control helps protect health
  • Help create satisfying and healthful meal plans to fit individual lifestyles
  • Explain how regular exercise is essential for controlling body weight and blood sugar
  • Help form exercise habits people enjoy
  • Teach how to prepare and inject medications, if needed
  • Follow up with participants to make sure they have the tools needed to maintain good health with diabetes

Learn more about our diabetes services: