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Primary Care

Your doctor may be closer than you think.

Methodist Family Health Centers and Medical Groups are nearby for everything from aches and pains and allergies to back-to-school physicals and preventive services. Offering personalized health care services for every stage of life and every state of health, we are committed to improving the health and quality of life of the residents of the communities we serve.

Primary Care Specialties

When you or a loved one is sick, you want to feel better fast. Let our healthcare professionals diagnose and treat you.

  • Pediatricians are physicians who are specialized for conditions in children.

  • Family Medicine which is also called Family Practice or General Practice. These physicians are trained to see patients of all ages and conditions.

  • Geriatricians are physicians that are specialized to help with the complexities of the elderly.

  • Gynecologists are trained to help give medical treatments specifically for women.

  • General Internal Medicine are physicians that while having a wide range of training usually treat adults.

Preventative Care

Prevention is the first priority for illness-free living. We encourage everyone to regularly see their primary care physician. However, we do provide select preventative care options as a convenience for patients.

Chronic Conditions

As part of the Methodist Health System, our physicians can provide ongoing care, as well as referrals to DFW’s top specialists for treatment.

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