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For Methodist Employees

What is the Methodist Alliance of Patients & Physicians?

Through the Methodist Alliance of Patients and Physicians (MAP2), improving your health starts with improving the quality of care you receive. MAP2 is the resource created to help you get the medical care and support you need, all through coordinated care. MAP2 is the operating name for the Methodist Patient-Centered ACO (MPCACO), which has achieved nationally recognized success in coordinated care.

As a Methodist Employee, you and any of your listed dependents under your United Health Care health plan are already enrolled in the MAP2 program. Even better, there is no charge for the program.

Coordinate your health!

MAP2 will assign you a Care Navigator to help you manage and coordinate your health care. These navigators are there to help you figure out how to get the help you need. By calling your navigator with questions you may have about medications, or general advice on what kind of physician you should see for a particular problem, you are saving yourself time and money.*

Coordinated care also means that your health care providers are communicating with each other. They know when you were in the hospital, for how long, and what the result of the visit was. Your providers also know what medications you are on and why you take them. You get to spend less time at the doctor’s office explaining your medical history, and more time working towards better health.

Additional benefits to coordinated health care:

  • Reduced amount of medical forms to fill out
  • Fewer repeat medical tests, drastically reducing medical costs throughout the year
  • Personalized care, coordinated through the variety of participating specialists you see
  • Care Navigators that are available to answer any questions you might have about your medical care
  • Check-up calls to ensure your medications are working properly and that you are feeling your best

*Although the vast majority of care needed can be handled without a trip to the hospital, please remember, if you have a medical emergency, DON’T WAIT. Get to the nearest emergency department.

How MAP2 works for you

MAP2 is set up to get you the medical care you need by the right provider, in the right setting, at the right time. The key to coordinated care is communication and the sharing of medical information between your Care Navigator and any providers participating in MAP2. The type of information, such as medical conditions, prescriptions, visits to the doctor, and hospital stays, are able to provide physicians a comprehensive picture of your medical history, without you having to fill out paperwork. You will still be asked general health questions about your current condition during physician visits.

In order to receive the full benefits of MAP2 and coordinated care, it is recommended you visit physicians in the MAP2 network. However, you still have the right to see any physician you choose, whether or not they participate in MAP2.

Nationally recognized and awarded:

  • Becker’s Hospital Review – 100 ACOs to Know 2014 & 2015
  • Top 100 Healthiest Workplaces
  • Premier PACT Population Health Collaborative

How Do I Enroll?

You are already enrolled in this program because you are a Methodist Health System employee or a covered dependent enrolled in the Methodist Health Plan administered through United Health Care.

If for any reason, you do not wish to benefit from the MAP2 program, you may opt-out. Please email us at or call (214) 947-2846.