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MAP2 Providers and Facilities

ACO Participants ACO Participant in Joint Ventures
360 Pain and Spine LLC d.b.a Renner Pain and Spine NO
Advanced Heart and Rhythm PLLC NO
Afridi Heart Care, PA; Dallas Heart and Vascular NO
Alfonso Ramirez, MD NO
Allay Spine and Pain Management, PLLC, MD NO
Alpha Orthopedic Physician Group, P.A. NO
Andy M. Lee, MD, PA NO
Anna M. Toker, MD, PA d.b.a. Total Eye Care NO
Archana Srivastava, MD, PA; dba Heart Clinic of Dallas NO
Arlington Physician Services NO
Atlas Ob-Gyn, PLLC NO
B.H Rehabilitation, Inc. NO
Bala K. Giri, MD, PA NO
Ben Clark, DPM NO
Bloom Gynecology, LLC NO
Boram Park, MD, PLLC NO
C. Folashade Ogunro, M.D, P.A. d.b.a Hand & Upper Extremity Center, P.A. NO
Cardiology and Interventional Vascular Associates NO
Cardiology Partners, LLP NO
Cole Clinic, PA NO
Comprehensive Orthopedics & Rehabilitation, PA NO
Dallas Arthritis Center, PA NO
Dallas ENT & Allergy Center, PA NO
Dallas Hospitalists, PA NO
Dallas Nephrology Associates NO
Dallas Pulmonary & Critical Care, PA NO
Dallas Renal Group, PA NO
Divali Docs, PLLC; dba Minimally Invasive Surgical Associates NO
Donald L. Blair, MD, PA; dba Trinity Women's Center NO
Dr Ned E Beiser Professional Association NO
Emergency Medicine Consultants, Ltd.; Texas Physician Resources, LLC NO
EyeCare Associates of Texas, PA NO
Frank Dean, MD NO
Frederic J. Simmons, DO NO
Functional Recovery Associates, PLLC NO
General Internal Medicine, PA NO
Gerald F. Bulloch, MD, PA; dba Dallas Cardiovascular Institute NO
H. Jay Boulas, MD, PA NO
Hargrave Eye Center, PA NO
HeartPlace, PA NO
Hima Doppalapudi, MD, PA NO
Homeheal, PA NO
Husna Iqbal, MD, PA NO
Internal Medicine Associates of South Dallas, PA NO
John Tenny, M.D. NO
Jorge A. Arzac, MD, PA NO
Jorge Saldivar, MD, PA NO
Joseph Pflanzer, MD NO
Kusi Fourdjour, MD, PA NO
L & W Orthopaedic Associates NO
Lightflower, Ltd NO
Linda L. Burk, MD NO
Lonestar Hospital Medicine NO
Mahasneh MD, PLLC NO
Mansfield Dermatology / United Dermatology Associates NO
Marian Zinnante, MD, PA; dba Women's Care Associates NO
Mark A. Dirnberger, DO NO
Maryam Raza, MD, PA NO
MedHealth NO
Medical Sleep Solutions, PLLC NO
MomPremier Eye Institute, PLLC NO
North Dallas Surgical Specialists, PA NO
North Texas Village Health Partners, PA NO
Northeast Metroplex Orthopedic Associates; dba Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center NO
Olabisi Ogunro, D.O., P.A. d.b.a Ogunro Hand to Shoulder Center, P.A NO
Oladele Olusanya MD, PA NO
Olayinka Ogunro, MD d.b.a Ogunro Hand to Shoulder Center, P.A. NO
Orthopaedic Specialist of Dallas, PA NO
Pain Management Physicians of Dallas, PA; dba Dallas Pain Consultants NO
Patel Anesthesia and Pain Specialists, PLLC NO
Pediatrics Southwest, PA NO
Performance Orthopedic & Sports Medicine, PA NO
Peter Rappa MD, PA NO
Phases of Life Women's Health Care, PA NO
Physician Associates of Southwest Dallas NO
Preeti Malladi, MD, PA NO
Premier Pain Centers, PA NO
Progressive Internal Medicine PLLC NO
Pulmonary Medicine Consultants, PA NO
Pulmonics Plus, PLLC NO
Samuel C. Chan, DO, PA NO
Solar Health, PA; dba Texas Pain Physicians NO
Southern Neurorehab Institute, PA NO
Stephen Ozanne, MD, PA; dba Cedar Hill Spine NO
Steven P. Havard, MD, PA; dba Havard Heart NO
Stone Surgical Management, PA NO
Summit Gastroenterology, PLLC NO
Texas Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates, PA NO
Texas Center for Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery, PLLC; dba Texas Orthopedic Surgery Consultants NO
Texas Colon and Rectal Surgeons, LLP NO
Texas Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, PA NO
Texas Neurology, PA NO
Texas Orthopedic Specialists, PLLC NO
Texas Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants, PA NO
Texas Vascular Associates, PA NO
Thomas Hong, MD, PLLC NO
Thyroid, Endocrinology, and Diabetes, PA NO
Touch of Grace Family Medicine NO
Trinity Cardiovascular Care, PLLC; Precision Cardiac and Vascular Care, PLLC NO
Trinity Cardiovascular Care, PLLC; Premier Cardiac and Vascular Care, PLLC NO
Vishu Lammata, MD, PA


Women's Health Associates of Richardson, PLLC NO
Woodus Obstetrics and Gynecology, PLLC NO

Post-Acute Care Facilities

These lists are updated semi-annually, in February and August.

Joint Venture

No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals.

Types of ACO Participants, or combinations of participants, that formed the ACO:

  • ACO professionals in a group practice arrangement
  • Network of individual practices of ACO professionals

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