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Accountable Care Organization

Introducing a New Way to Maximize Your Health Care

How might your medical care improve if all your records and history were made available to every doctor you see? Introducing the Methodist Alliance for Patients and Physicians, or MAP2. Using our clinically-integrated network of physicians, we decided to expand the reach of our health network in order to improve and save lives through coordinated care for each one of our patients. Now you can easily get the answers you need and the quality care you deserve.

A Whole New Kind of Patient Registry

Imagine being a new patient, showing up for an appointment, and not having to fill out paperwork or remember what medications you are taking. Imagine if your new physician already knew about the Emergency Room visit you had last month in Dallas, or how your new medication is treating you.

With MAP2, Methodist Health System opens the door for improved quality through coordination of medical records between physicians, physical therapists, emergency rooms, and nurses.

Add Benefits to Your Healthcare

Through the Methodist Alliance for Patients and Physicians, your medical history can be shared across your whole team of healthcare providers. By allowing your cardiologist, gastroenterologist, family physician, and other health professionals to view your records, they know immediately what medication you are taking and what your latest bloodwork results show.

Some benefits of the Methodist Alliance for Patients and Physicians include:

  • Information shared across your whole medical team
  • Saving time not filling out duplicate paperwork
  • Saving money not taking the same diagnostic tests from different doctors

Award-Winning Coordinated Care

MAP2 is the new operating name for the Methodist Patient-Centered Accountable Care Organization (MPCACO). MPCACO has been effective since 2012, and has achieved nationally recognized success in improving the quality of care given to patients. Experience the award-winning coordinated care of MAP2.

If you are a Medicare Patient, Methodist Employee, or your company is now offering the MAP2 program to its employees, learn more about how MAP2 can work for you!