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Methodist Health system's living room workout

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Don't let cold weather or icy roads can't keep you from strength training or cardio!

North Texas' first frost of the year happened last week. Having to dig the ice scraper out of my trunk was a cold reminder that winter is almost here!

If you're like me, when the early morning alarm goes off, you kind of look for any reason at all to not get up and exercise. Reasons like, "it's dark and cold" and" I don't want to have to scrape the frost off my car" are nice changes from "but the gym is so far" and "the dog wants to snuggle."

Methodist Health System is here to help you make goals, not excuses. Our manager of wellness and certified exercise physiologist created a great workout you can do in your home, so distance, weather and even budgets are no longer obstacles. The 30 minute workout combines strength training, cardio bursts and stretches for excellent high intensity interval training for all ages. You just need some hand weights, and if possible, a balance ball. You can get these items pretty inexpensively

Watch the living room workout here!

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Remember to check with your doctor before starting a new workout routine. Need a physician? Go to to find one near you.

**Please note - video is not a full 30 minutes, you'll need to pause and do more repetitions for a full workout.