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Living Magazine Spotlights Yet Another Liver Transplant Success Story from The Liver Institute!

liver transplantThe Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas is thrilled to share their latest success story featured in Living Magazine. Fred Farley, a U.S. Navy veteran, had the pleasure of being presented on the cover of the July 2016 issue. Inside, he credits Dr. Parvez Mantry and the team at The Liver Institute with his second chance at life.

Though his story started on a farm in Georgia, Farley’s drive for success and leadership led him to join the U.S. Navy at 16 years old, with the goal of becoming a jet-engine mechanic. With his winning attitude, he continued to progress in his Naval career with several promotions and the opportunity to travel the world performing aircraft repairs. He was accepted into the flight engineer program at Guantanamo Bay and, from there, went on to be recognized by the U.S. Navy as their first African-American flight engineer, in addition to earning other awards including the first Senior Noncommissioned Officer of the Year.

Farley retired from the U.S. Navy in 1998 and began his career in corporate aviation here in Dallas. After holding several successful positions with American Airlines and American Eagle, Farley currently owns his own business, providing private aviation consultation. It was at this point in Farley’s life, that his health took a wrong turn.

Although Farley was physically fit, taking his health seriously by exercising regularly and eating healthy, he could not ignore the signs that something was not right. After losing 10 pounds in only a week while experiencing general weakness and eye changes, Farley visited a doctor to address his concerns. Sadly, he was incorrectly diagnosed and placed on a cholesterol medication that, in turn, destroyed his liver, a vital organ for survival. He was immediately placed on the liver transplant waiting list at The Liver Institute, where he met the talented team who saved his life.

Parvez Mantry, M.D., a Director for The Liver Institute who specializes in transplant hepatology and gastroenterology, took extra steps to ensure Farley’s entrance into their transplant program, including assisting with his insurance. By the time Farley reached Dr. Mantry, he was already at stage 4 of liver failure, where a transplant would be his only hope for continuing his long and full life. Farley felt he was in the best hands with The Liver Institute’s recent recognition by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients as the number one hospital in both the Dallas and Fort Worth areas for liver transplant. Their studies show that The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas cares for the sickest patients overall and also holds the highest rating for successful patient expected outcomes.

Farley credits the entire team of hepatologists, transplant coordinators, surgeons and more from The Liver Institute with his healthy turnaround. He also highlights the personalized care and compassion he received throughout all stages of his treatment and transplant. For Fred Farley, his liver failure and subsequent transplant was a blessing as it allowed him to experience the care and love of the entire team at The Liver Institute. With his new lease on life, Farley has seen the birth of his grandson and is proud of his new outlook of understanding toward others.

Read Fred Farley’s full story here at Living Magazine!

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