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PubMed/MD Consult/FirstConsult

The national library of Medicine’s free medical info search tool.

MD Consult
A service to which we subscribe which enables users to stay abreast of recent medical developments. It provides online, SEARCHABLE, access to (a) the most up-to-date editions of 50 leading medical reference textbooks; (b) the full text articles of 70 leading medical journals and clinics; (c) extensive drug information resources; (d) current news in medicine; (e) clinical topic tours, insights and practice guidelines; (f) patient information hand-outs; and (g) a CME: continuing medical education center with which docs can do their needed CME work in 15 medical specialties.

A companion product to MD Consult that is very similar to another vendor’s product Up To Date. FIRSTConsult provides evidence-based, continuously updated CLINICAL information in 5 key areas: (a) differential diagnosis, (b) medical conditions, (c) procedure files, (d) reference centers, and (e) patient education resources.

How to Access and use MD & FIRSTConsult — Using a Methodist computer:

MD Consult

You will automatically access and be logged in to MD Consult when you either click on the blue MDConsult link above, OR, type into the URL (Address Bar) on your internet, web browser’s screen. No user name or password is necessary.


First Consult can only be accessed THROUGH MD Consult. Enter your search into MD Consult’s search screen, and it will automatically bring up any FIRSTConsult results a long with the results it brings up from MD Consult. You can NOT go to FIRSTConsult directly. You MUST go through MD Consult.

How to Access and use MD & FIRSTConsult — Using a non-Methodist computer:

To set up access for MD / FIRSTConsult from a non-Methodist computer, one must register for this type of access by logging onto MD Consult from a Methodist computer and following these instructions:

  • There is an orange box labeled “Personal Account” in the upper portion of the left hand column on the MD Consult start-up screen. Click on the link here to be taken to the next page.
  • Near the bottom of the middle column on this page you will find a link that says “Establish a Personal Account.” Click this and it will take you to a page on which you can sign up for your personal account, get your username, password, etc.
  • After your personal account is established and you have your user name and password, whenever you want to sign on from a non-Methodist computer, you go to the upper right hand corner of the initial MD Consult screen and click the link that says “Click for Personal Log In.” You will be presented with a box that will allow you to sign in with your username and password.