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Offering hope to organ recipients and their families

For more than 30 years, specialists at The Transplant Institute at Methodist Dallas have accomplished many firsts, while improving and saving almost 3,000 lives through organ transplants, groundbreaking treatments, and landmark research. Our reputation for excellence is reflected in our success rates consistently exceeding national averages, and the many transplant patients who travel from around the world to be treated by our multidisciplinary specialists at Methodist Dallas. We’ve accomplished many firsts, but restoring hope is our first priority.

  • World’s first combined heart-kidney/pancreas transplant
  • First DFW-area kidney transplant on an HIV-positive patient
  • First bioartificial liver support for acute alcoholic hepatitis using ELAD
  • Participating in largest, landmark Hepatitis C clinical trial
  • 47 clinical trials in Hepatology, Nephrology, and Hepato-biliary disease

New organs and new lives

Facts about organ transplants:

  • A new name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list every 13 minutes1
  • More than 96,000 men, women, and children currently need life-saving organ transplants1
  • An average of 77 people receive organ transplants each day2
  • An average of 19 people die each day waiting for an organ transplant2

Reputation for excellence, dedication to compassionate patient care

The medical professionals at The Transplant Institute at Methodist Dallas continue to work on research and innovations that have helped advance transplant medicine and establish Methodist Dallas as one of the most recognized transplant centers in the nation.

Whether you're a transplant candidate in need of a kidney, pancreas, or liver transplant, a potential organ donor, or a doctor seeking to refer a transplant candidate, our website can help answer your questions and get you better acquainted with the leading-edge, patient-centered transplant services available at The Transplant Institute at Methodist Dallas.

Our Location

In Fall 2020 Methodist Dallas opened a brand new unit dedicated to the transplant program. This new unit enhances continuity of care by providing a centralized home for patients with many complex needs before and after surgery. In the new space, patients can expect top-ranked medical expertise for organ transplants, pre-transplant evaluations, and liver and pancreatic operations.

Take a virtual tour of our new Transplant unit

A transplant gave Javier a new liver and a new love

On the night of his 22nd birthday, Javier had no idea it might be his last. A healthy and active SMU student, he was suddenly in critical condition with his mom driving in search of a hospital. They saw the shining cross atop Methodist Dallas Medical Center as a sign of hope. Racing the clock, transplant physicians quickly diagnosed Javier's failing liver as he fell unconscious. He awoke a week later with a new liver and a new lease on life. Today, Javier will tell you he couldn't have made it without those doctors.

Contact information for transplant services at Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Kidney Transplant or Pancreas Transplant
1411 N. Beckley Avenue, Pavilion III, Suite 261
Dallas, Texas 75203
Phone: (214) 947-1800
Toll-free: 1-800-284-2185
Fax: 214-947-1828

Liver Transplant
The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas
1411 N. Beckley Avenue Pavilion III, Suite 268
Dallas, Texas 75203
Phone: (214) 947-4400
Toll-free: 1-877-4A-LIVER (1-877-425-4837)
Fax: 214-947-4404