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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE Program)

Sexual Assaults Nurse Examiners

Methodist Dallas Medical Center has provided care for adolescents and adult sexual assault victims of all races and populations since January 2014. The program is staffed by registered nurses who have advanced education and instruction in medical forensic examination and in psychological and emotional trauma. SANE nurses may also provide expert testimony in a court of law. Department of Justice report showed a 95 percent increase in successful prosecution of sexual assault case where evidence was collected by a SANE-certified nurse.

We understand and realize this is a traumatic time and are dedicated to providing confidential, comprehensive, compassionate care in a safe and private environment. Our SANE program includes

  • Physical examination and medical clearance
  • Collection of medical-forensic evidence for 120 hours (5 days) from the time of assault for patients 14 years and older
  • Assistance with sexually transmitted infection, pregnancy and post assault medication administration including HIV prophylaxis
  • Assistance with safety planning
  • Assistance with counseling, CVC and more through our advocacy center

If you or your loved one is sexually assaulted:

  • Go to a safe place and call 911 or call someone you can trust
  • Visit MDMC ED which is one of the SANE ready hospitals or call 911
  • Avoid change of clothes, we will provide you with clothing replacement
  • Do not shower, bathe, or douche
  • Do not brush hair or teeth
  • If possible do not eat, drink or go to the bathroom
  • Avoid smoking

Even if you have done any of the above, please visit the hospital or call 911 or visit your local police department.

Please call 214-947-8100 if you need more information regarding a SANE exam sometimes also called as a Rape Kit.