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Transplant Surgery

Kidney transplant surgery at The Transplant Institute at Methodist Dallas

When an organ becomes available and a patient is cleared for surgery, the multidisciplinary transplant team at The Transplant Institute at Methodist Dallas is dedicated to helping the patient, as well as his or her family, the living donor, and/or the family of the deceased donor, through the transplant process with the utmost care and compassion.

Before Kidney Transplant Surgery

The Transplant Institute at Methodist Dallas has representatives available to answer any questions you have when you arrive at the hospital.

After arriving, you’ll go through a series of medical tests including:

  • Blood tests
  • X-rays
  • Electrocardiograms
  • Donor-recipient cross-match

If these tests and a thorough physical examination uncover no medical problems, you will be cleared for kidney transplant surgery.

Some people will also need dialysis or other procedures before the kidney transplant. Our inpatient hemodialysis unit accommodates eight patients, and the team at The Transplant Institute at Methodist Dallas is thoroughly qualified to provide supportive care.

The Kidney Transplant

All transplant procedures are performed by independently practicing physicians on the medical staff at Methodist Health System.

  • Kidney transplantation is a three- or four-hour procedure in which a donated kidney is placed in the recipient’s lower abdomen to replace a diseased kidney
  • In most cases, the diseased kidneys are left in place during the transplant procedure. The transplanted kidney is implanted in the lower abdomen on the front side of the body.
  • First, the blood vessels of the new kidney are connected to the recipient’s blood vessels.
  • Then the kidney’s urine tube, or ureter, is connected to the recipient’s bladder.
  • The incision is closed, and the recipient is sent to the post–kidney transplant unit where our specially trained nurses oversee recovery.

After Kidney Transplant Surgery

  • In the post–transplant recovery unit, medications are started that reduce the risk of kidney rejection.
  • The site of the surgical incision and your body’s response to these medicines are both carefully monitored.
  • Most people are out of bed the first day and eating on the second day after kidney transplant surgery, and many patients can safely leave the hospital four or five days after their kidney transplant.
  • Before you leave the hospital, the staff of The Transplant Institute at Methodist Dallas will verify that you and your family understand the medicines and other care you’ll need to help ensure quick healing and a successful transplant.
  • The staff of The Transplant Institute at Methodist Dallas will also contact your doctor and dialysis center with progress reports.
  • You’ll need to follow a strict schedule of medications and post–transplant follow-up care to help achieve long-term health for yourself and your new kidney.