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Mayo Clinic Care Network

Working Together For You

What is Mayo Clinic Care Network?Mayo Clinic Care Network Member

The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a collaboration between Mayo Clinic and other healthcare organizations. Through this network, your healthcare team at Methodist Health System has easy access to Mayo Clinic's knowledge and expertise.

  • The physicians at Methodist have special access to the knowledge, expertise and resources of Mayo Clinic – the #1 ranked hospital in the nation – right here, close to home.
  • Your physicians can use the latest research, diagnostic and treatment recommendations from Mayo Clinic to develop the best treatment plan for you.
  • If you or a loved one has a rare or complex condition, your physician can consult directly with a Mayo Clinic expert who specializes in treating that specific condition.
  • Your physicians can combine their understanding of your unique medical needs with Mayo Clinic expertise at no additional cost to you.

About Mayo Clinic: Continuing a Tradition of Teamwork

The hallmark of Mayo Clinic is teamwork. It’s been that way since the first Mayo physicians began working together in the late 1800s. For 150 years, Mayo’s approach to healthcare has been rooted in the idea that the best patient care is achieved when experts from a variety of medical specialties can work together, focused on the patient.

The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a unique collaboration that grants physicians on the medical staff at Methodist Health System special access to Mayo Clinic knowledge, expertise and resources. Patients experience the confidence and convenience of being able to access world-leading medical expertise through their trusted local physician, close to home.

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