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Let This Human Owners Manual be Your Guide to Health Maintenance

Like vehicles, our bodies require scheduled checkups to perform properly. But unlike automobiles, our bodies don’t always alert us when something is going on. This is why it’s important to schedule regular checkups with a primary care provider — especially as we grow older.

Keeping on top of health screenings and vaccines will can also help with maintaining wellness and make it easier to get the most mileage out of your body.

Below is a chart some common age-appropriate screenings — your very own Human Owners Manual — to make sure you are getting the proper health maintenance you need:

Human Owner's Manual

Due for a health inspection?

Putting our health on cruise control can quickly lead to a breakdown and even irreversible damage. Routine checkups are the simplest way to keep our bodies running at peak performance, and they are often covered by insurance. Today’s test results give the physician a snapshot of our current wellness and reveal opportunities to make healthy changes before it’s too late.

To find a physician with Methodist Health System to maintain your health on the road of life, click here.