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Nursing Honors and Awards

Honors, awards, and achievements earned by Methodist Health System Nurses

It's impossible to overestimate the value of skilled, compassionate nursing care.

View some of the recent honors and awards earned by Methodist nurses — for providing compassionate care giving, being role models, displaying leadership qualities, offering service to the community, and other significant contributions to healthcare.

2021 Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation's Employee of the Year Nominees

  • Leslie Cler, MD, Methodist Dallas
  • Debra Derda, Methodist Dallas
  • Amy Mabry, Methodist Dallas
  • Shibu Thomas, MD, Methodist Dallas
  • Jennifer Tillery, Methodist Dallas
  • Tung Tran, MD, Methodist Dallas
  • Ashley White, Methodist Dallas
  • Jennifer Allen, Methodist Charlton
  • Amanda Binnix, Methodist Charlton
  • Mark Gemina, Methodist Charlton
  • Tina McNabb, Methodist Charlton
  • Senait Woldai, Methodist Charlton
  • Chanse Boehringer, Methodist Mansfield
  • Jennifer Coffman, MD, Methodist Mansfield
  • Julian Escamilla, Methodist Mansfield
  • Nora Frasier, Methodist Mansfield
  • Aleasha Johns, Methodist Mansfield
  • Shelley Lenamond, DO, Methodist Mansfield
  • Duyen Taylor Nguyen, Methodist Mansfield
  • Julie Norris, Methodist Mansfield
  • Chisom Nwachukwu, MD, Methodist Mansfield
  • Rosa Nyaoga, Methodist Mansfield
  • Teresa Ortiz, Methodist Mansfield
  • Patricia Retzer, Methodist Mansfield
  • Shantala Samart, MD, Methodist Mansfield
  • Jody Tolar, Methodist Mansfield
  • Cheryl Wherry, Methodist Mansfield
  • Brooks Williams, Methodist Mansfield
  • Anthony Boyer, MD, Methodist Richardson
  • Danielle Cooper, Methodist Richardson
  • Michael Foster, MD, Methodist Richardson
  • Katherine Hartdegen, Methodist Richardson
  • Shannon Jackson, Methodist Richardson
  • Luke McKittrick, Methodist Richardson
  • Todd Steele, Methodist Richardson
  • Linda Turner, Methodist Richardson
  • Jacklyn Yeap, Methodist Richardson
  • Candace Adams, Jon Albrecht,
    Kirk Bradford, Rashondra Calderon,
    Robbie Duran, James Gillis,
    Donna Gutierrez, Valerie Hayes,
    Jeff Hulstein, Katrina Nesbitt,
    Lee Ohlson, Leslie Pierce, Carly Pryor,
    Lorri Roquemore, John Vo,
    Kelly Wauters, Nancy Wingle - Methodist COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

2021 Great 100 Nurses

  • Tiffany Au, Methodist Charlton
  • Alaana Garris, Methodist Charlton
  • Candice McCumber, Methodist Dallas
  • Teresa Ortiz, Methodist Mansfield
  • Brooks Williams, Methodist Mansfield
  • Kimm Wright, Methodist Dallas

2020 DFW Hospital Council Foundation Nominees

  • Lisa Cawthon, Methodist Charlton
  • Jennifer Coffman, MD, Methodist Mansfield
  • Masoud Elmaawy, Methodist Dallas
  • Michelle Fraile, Methodist Dallas
  • Gerald “Chip” Haddock, DO, Methodist Charlton
  • Jamie Harrington, Methodist Mansfield
  • Adeliada Kelly, Methodist Dallas
  • Sam Lane, Methodist Charlton
  • Cindy Merren, Methodist Mansfield
  • Tabitha Moore, Methodist Richardson
  • Catherine O’Campo, Methodist Richardson
  • Teresa Ortiz, Methodist Mansfield
  • Lilian St. John, MD, Methodist Richardson
  • Janaki Subramanian, Methodist Dallas
  • Paul Tarnasky, MD, Methodist Dallas
  • Mackenzie Wood, Methodist Mansfield

2020 D Magazine Great 100 Nurses

  • Ginger King, Methodist Dallas

2020 D Magazine Excellence in Nursing Award Winners

  • Ginger King, Methodist Dallas
  • Janaki Subramanian, Methodist Dallas
  • Jessica Cooper, Methodist Charlton
  • Alaana Garris, Methodist Charlton
  • Michael Hernandez, Methodist Mansfield
  • Laura Sweatt, Methodist Mansfield
  • Jeremy Taylor, Methodist Mansfield
  • Brooks Williams, Methodist Mansfield
  • Karen Yates, Methodist Mansfield