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Your Posture Can Cause Back Pain`

Your Posture Can Cause Back Pain`

Poor posture poses more of a problem than being visually unappealing; it can actually wreak havoc on your back and neck health. The orthopedic experts at Methodist Sports Medicine are here to break down how your posture affects your spine health and how you can work toward a more aligned spine.

How Your Posture Can Negatively Affect Your Back

When you have improper posture, you create unnecessary stress on your lumbar facets, discs, and the muscles in your back. Though the discomfort and pain that is caused by this added stress can typically be reversed with improved posture, prolonged stress can lead to chronic pain and even injuries.

Common postural habits that can result in back pain include:

  • Slouching while in a seated position
  • Using a laptop while laying in or sitting on a bed
  • Hunching over while performing chores like dishes, vacuuming, or yard work.
  • Standing with your weight on one leg
  • Lifting heavy objects with your back instead of your needs

Tips for Better Posture

Stand Tall

When it comes to correcting your posture when walking or standing, it is important to try to keep your spine in natural alignment. To do so, your spine should be straight, your shoulders should be relaxed, and your head should be right above your spine. If you find yourself slouching, remind yourself to “stand tall” to return to this position.

Readjust Frequently

Whether you're working from home, or doing online learning, sitting for long periods can be an easy trap for poor posture. To prevent this from happening, be sure to get up at least once every hour to stretch and readjust your position in your seat.

Be Careful With Heavy Objects

When it comes to lifting heavy objects, many people make the mistake of lifting with their back. To prevent strain and injury, approach lifting heavy objects by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. You should also bring the object as close to your chest as possible when returning to the standing position.

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