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Simple Ways to Support Your Spine Health

Simple Ways to Support Your Spine Health

How to Look After Your Spinal Health

When it comes to supporting your health, we rarely think about how we can keep our spines in top condition—that is, until you’re plagued with back pain. Fortunately, many sources of back pain and discomfort can be prevented. The orthopedic specialists at Methodist Sports Medicine are to outline some ways you can look after your spine health and even alleviate existing back pain.

Invest in a Good Mattress

Considering most people spend about a third of their lifetimes lying in bed, it only makes sense that the type of mattress you choose affects how your back feels and functions after long periods of resting. While the type of mattress you choose ultimately comes down to preference, research has shown that very firm and very soft mattresses can both pose a problem for your spinal health.

The best way to test out mattresses and which one is right for you and your body is by comparing how you feel after a night’s rest on different firmness levels—for example, while you’re away at a friend’s house or a hotel. More often than not, medium-firm to firm mattresses are good options.

Do Core-Strengthening Exercises

When it comes to decreasing strain on your spine, it is important to strengthen the supportive muscles in your abdomen and your back. This is because these muscles help to keep your spine in proper alignment with minimal effort.

While there are many exercises out there that can be done to target your abs and back muscles, it is important to consult with your doctor if you have an existing condition that affects your back.

Stretch Regularly

Whether you spend a lot of time sitting, standing, or laying down—it’s easy for the muscles in your neck and back to become tense, leading to unwanted stiffness and pain. By stretching regularly, you can effectively alleviate and prevent back pain. It can also have the following benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Increased spinal flexibility
  • Increased range of motion
  • Reduced tension in supportive muscles

If you have chronic back or neck pain, talk to your doctor to find out what stretches are right for you and your condition.

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