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Jerome Stewart – Emergency Room Success Story

Just a stone’s throw away

Methodist Mansfield makes emergency care convenient

Jerome Stewart The new, “It seems like a
much more efficient and effective
experience for patients,” he says.

“Evidently, I’m a good producer of kidney stones, because it’s a rather frequent condition that I have,” says Jerome Stewart, EdD, with a smile.

He started getting the painful condition occasionally in 1992.

By now, he knows the drill: “When the symptoms arise, I just head off to the emergency department and deal with it,” he says.

In 2012, he decided to change up the routine, however. This time, when the pain from kidney stones started, he turned to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

Setting the standard for customer service

That fall evening, Jerome had been doing some photography.

“I remember being in the sun and feeling a little bit faint,” he recalls. “I thought, ‘I’m aging faster than I thought.’ I also started having back pain.

“It had been a long time since my last kidney stone, but my wife properly diagnosed that I had a kidney stone and drove me to Methodist Mansfield.”

Methodist Mansfield’s reputation had preceded it, and after being treated there, Jerome understands why.

“My experience was absolutely wonderful,” he says. “The nurses and doctors were all kind, patient, and understanding. They fully explained what they were going to do and how they were going to do it.”

Imaging tests confirmed the kidney stone diagnosis, and he was given pain medication and referred to his doctor for follow-up.

A returning customer

When the standard symptoms showed up again in 2013, Methodist Mansfield also showed up with memorable care.

“This visit, I was further enlightened to the customer service at Methodist Mansfield,” Jerome says. “I always like to joke and banter a little bit in these situations, and I liked that the nurses were able to joke back.”

He also was grateful that his doctor was conscientious of health care costs.

Because Jerome already had a history of kidney stones, the doctor advised that it was an unnecessary cost to perform imaging tests, which probably wouldn’t alter the treatment anyway.

“I thought that was very informative,” Jerome says. “Instead of just doing this procedure, he actually gave me an option. I really appreciated that very, very much.”

‘Nothing but the best’

Jerome has now gone a little over a year without a kidney stone — knock on wood — but should another occur, he plans to return to Methodist Mansfield. He is also excited about the new online registration service that will make his emergency department visit even smoother than before.

“It seems like a much more efficient and effective experience for patients,” he says.

“It’s important that we treat others wonderfully well whenever we come in contact with them,” Jerome adds. “While being treated at Methodist Mansfield, that’s all that I received — nothing but the best services.”