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Jennifer Bryson – da Vinci Single-Site Gallbladder Surgery Success Story

Feeling good as new after da Vinci Single-Site to remove her gallbladder

Methodist Mansfield are operating room team members Welcoming the da Vinci Surgical System to
Methodist Mansfield are operating room team
members (from left) Ted Rojas; Kristi Rowe;
Shelley Cook; Paul Lansdowne, MD; Melissa
Miller; Gracie Balderas; Agnes O’Bryan; David
Morehead, DO; and Kalinda Longino.

Jennifer Bryson had no idea that gallstones were the cause of her severe chest pain and nausea when she was rushed by ambulance to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

“I woke up one morning and had uncontrollable vomiting and a sharp, squeezing pain in my chest that hit me suddenly,” the 36-year-old says. “I thought I might be having a heart attack.”

In the emergency department, ultrasound images showed the presence of gallstones.

“Until then, I had no idea what a gallbladder attack was like, but it was far worse than the labor and delivery of my twin boys,” Bryson says.

Bryson was referred to David Dyslin, MD, independently practicing general surgeon on the medical staff of Methodist Mansfield, who proposed removing the gallbladder with the da Vinci® Surgical System and Single-Site™ technology.

Robotic rewards

The robotic da Vinci Surgical System enables surgeons to perform sophisticated, highly intricate procedures by enhancing visualization with 3-D images and improving overall dexterity with robotic arms controlled in real time via a nearby computer console.

With the Single-Site procedure, Dr. Dyslin removed Bryson’s gallbladder through one tiny incision in her belly button, making the procedure virtually scarless. Dr. Dyslin is one of a small group of surgeons in the Tarrant County area who have received specialized training and certification to perform this procedure. He says da Vinci offers both surgeons and patients many benefits.

“The high-definition images are brighter than with traditional laparoscopic surgery, allowing you to see the tissue more clearly,” Dr. Dyslin explains. “Patients typically experience minimal pain and scarring, less blood loss, lower risk of infection, faster recovery, and a shorter hospital stay.”

Pain is in the past

With gallbladder surgery behind her, Bryson has no regrets.

“I wouldn’t have done it any other way,” she says. “I am very thankful to God and grateful to Dr. Dyslin that I never have to feel that pain again. Now that the gallstones are out, I feel good as new.”
In addition to da Vinci Single-Site surgery for gallbladders, the robotic da Vinci Surgical System is available for colorectal, gynecologic, urologic, thoracic, and general surgeries. Learn more about the da Vinci Surgical System.

From the spring 2013 edition of Shine magazine.