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How Strength Training Improves Bone and Joint Health

Weight-bearing Exercise and Orthopedic Health

Strength training, also referred to as resistance or weight training, is often used to increase muscle mass and strength when performed on a consistent basis. However, that’s not its only benefit for athletes. Strength training can also help to support strong and healthy bones and joints. Here’s how.

Increase Strength

The most apparent benefit of incorporating strength training into your workout routine is increased muscle strength. When targeting specific muscle groups during weight training, you are increasing the maximum amount of weight those muscles can withstand in a single repetition.

Injury Prevention

Amongst athletes, joint and skeletal injuries are very common. However, resistance training can help to reduce the risk of these types of injuries. Studies have shown that the introduction of weight training to athlete’s workout regimens leads to the growth and increased strength of ligaments, tendons, joints, and connective tissue. Studies also indicate that weight-bearing exercises increased bone mineral content, ultimately reducing the risk of experiencing breaks, fractures, and other overuse injuries.

Ultimately, building stronger muscles also helps to protect joints and bones. The stronger the muscle groups surrounding a given joint or bone is, the less likely the strain will be put on said joint or bone because the muscles are supporting them.

Improve Sports Performance

While we often think of cardio as the best type of exercise to help build endurance and stamina, strength training can also help. By combining weight lifting or other resistance training into your cardio-only workout, you will be able to increase your ability to perform repetitive actions at maximum capacity for longer periods of time.

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