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Why Exercise is Essential for Mental Health

Exercise and Improving Mental Health

You probably already know that exercise is good for your physical health and that sticking to a regular workout routine can stave off a host of illnesses like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Not only is working out good for your body, but it’s good for your mental health too! Here’s what you need to know about staying active to support your mental health and wellness.

Reduces Stress

If you are looking for ways to reduce stress, adopting a regular workout routine can help. When we exercise, our brains pump up the neurotransmitters that release feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Making time to exercise can help you take a break from work and relieve bodily tensions from sitting or lounging for extended periods. Taking a break from work and other daily activities that can be stressful can put you in a better mood and take your mind off of your worries.

Helps Relieve Anxiety

If you are feeling anxious, you may notice that you are breathing faster and your heart rate has increased. You may also notice that your muscles are more tense as well. Exercise can help get your breathing under control and relax your muscles. When it comes to relieving anxiety through exercise, try yoga poses, stretching, even 15 minutes of dancing in your living room could do the trick!

Improves Self-Esteem

As mentioned above, exercise makes us feel good. Regular exercise leads to a better body image as it helps us to keep a healthy weight, strong immune system, and boosts our energy levels. Feeling and looking healthy can help you keep your self-esteem at an all-time high.

At-Home Exercise Tips

When it’s not possible to get to the gym, you can still find ways to get in a workout. From yoga and stretching to chair exercises, there is an abundance of ways to get in physical activity at home to help boost your mood.

If you are looking for ways to stay active and healthy at home, Methodist Sports Medicine can help! Visit our blog today for nutrition tips, workout tips, and more!