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Top Ways to Prevent a Sports Injury

Fall sports are officially in full swing in Texas, and for many, that means days and nights of practices and late-night games. Whether you are a professional athlete or playing in a local league, the main thing that can hinder your season is an unexpected sports injury. Fortunately for many, there are several steps you can take to ensure you have the best season yet.

Stick to Your Warm-ups and Cool Downs

Stretching your muscles before a game allows your muscles to contract and perform as they should. This will reduce your risk of injury, too. Proper stretching will not be painful, and each stretch should be held up to 20 seconds.

The cooldown is just as important as the warm-up and should last twice as long. This will bring your heart rate down and ease your body back into a relaxed state.

Cross Train

A proper cross-training schedule will mix cardio, strength training, and flexibility. By doing so, you’ll work out different muscle groups while allowing adequate time for rest. This is a great way to get the strength you need without an overuse injury.

Don’t Skip Rest Days

No matter what your athletic ability is, you need to allow for at least one day of rest a week. This will give your muscles and joints the time they need to recharge. Remember to elevate any swollen or painful joints after a game and never play through pain, as it can worsen an injury and lead to long-term damage.

Consider Sports Medicine

While most only think of considering sports medicine when they are injured, it can provide a world of benefits for conditioning and strength training too. We can work with you to learn proper form, create a strength training routine, and even teach you appropriate ways to prevent many common injuries.

If you are looking to have the most impactful season yet, the experts at Methodist Sports Medicine are here to help. See the full list of services we offer or to make an appointment, or contact us today!