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Five Reasons You Need a Rest Day

Whether it's your daily workout or competitive sports, rest days are a vital part of the process. Skipping one can do your whole regimen a disservice and leave your body without time to repair and recover. No matter what your fitness level is, back-to-back days of constant activity can leave your muscles fatigued and increase your chances of injury. So if you find yourself ditching the rest days, here are five reasons you should start embracing them:

1. It Gives Your Body Time to Recover

As you begin to increase your weight or push your muscles further than you have before, you create tiny tears in your muscles. When you allow your body a rest day, your cells can repair that damage, leaving you with the strong muscles you have been working towards.

2. It Will Improve Your Performance

When you are pushing your body to the limit, you are using all your energy to do so, leaving you with fatigue and decreased energy. In turn, your endurance and agility will be lower. Your rest days will allow your body to recharge, increasing your energy level and enabling you to compete at the top of your game.

3. Prevents Muscle Fatigue

During a workout, your glycogen levels become depleted and rest days replenish these. If you don’t give your body the time it needs to replace them, you’ll begin to experience fatigue and soreness. The more you push, the more likely you are to have an injury.

4. Improves Soreness and Injury Prevention

If you find yourself extra sore after a workout or with extreme muscle fatigue, a rest day is needed. Pushing through will delay your body's repair process, and further tearing may occur.

5. May Improve Your Sleep

When you work out, your adrenaline and cortisol hormones kicks in, working to increase your body’s energy level. When you continue to exercise without any rest, you run the risk of overproducing these hormones. This boost of energy can lower your quality of sleep and worsen your fatigue during your next workout. When you have a rest day, your hormones regulate and you’re back to a balanced state, so you can get quality sleep.

Comprehensive Diagnosis & Treatment

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