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Five Resolutions Every Athlete Needs to Keep

A new year means a chance for new beginnings, a time to improve from the year before. For many, we begin to compile a list of resolutions to keep through 2020. It also can be a time where we reflect on the past goals we fell short on.

However, there are several small resolutions that every athlete (professional or amateur) can successfully make and keep for the new year. Here is how you can kick your performance up a notch and make this coming year the best one yet.

5 Resolutions For Athletes to Have The Best Season Yet

1. Stay Hydrated

An easy one to keep, drinking your daily intake of water can help keep your muscles moving as they should and put less stress on your joints. Not to mention, it helps to replenish the sweat and electrolytes you are losing during training and your game. So make it a point to drink your daily recommended H20.

2. Warm-up Properly

Warm-ups are vital to your performance and preparing for the activity ahead. Without it, you risk injury and strain. Make it a point to stretch your muscles before and after each exercise, and if you’re not sure how to do so, you might want to consider seeing a sports medicine physician.

3. Stick to Rest Days

Pushing your body past the limit can not only lead to injury, but it harms your muscle development. When training, rest days are needed for recovery, as they will increase your energy overall and can prevent muscle fatigue.

4. Keep a Healthy Diet

Your food is fuel for your body, and the more you provide your body with greens, lean meats, and the vitamins it needs to perform, the better you’ll be overall. Eating healthy carbohydrates and avoiding saturated fats are two great goals to start with. Remember to fuel your body up before a workout or game and about 20 minutes to a half-hour after.

5. Considering Sports Medicine

You may consider sports medicine as a part of injury recovery, but it’s a large part of prevention, too. From teaching proper form to enhancing your performance, we can help you have your best season yet.

Performance Enhancement in Texas

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