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Heading home for the holidays? Make sure your body is ready!

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When I think of the holiday season, one of my first thoughts is simply family. I grew up in a small Indiana town right outside of Chicago, and my parents, sisters, and adorable nephew are all still in the area. It's a no-brainer that I will be heading there - home - for the holidays.

What isn't a no-brainer, however, is how to travel with your health in mind. Flying does have its effects on your body, especially if you're already dealing with health issues, like circulation problems, joint pain, or a sinus infection.

To help you have a healthier, more comfortable journey home, our team here at Methodist Health System pulled together the tips below to help you plan your travel.

Of course, your health is personal and unique to you, so when in doubt about the safest way to travel, give your doctor a call. To find a physician at Methodist, visit

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