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Now that we're hitting 100 degrees, brush up on your sunscreen knowledge


Many of us in North Texas woke up to thunderstorms this morning, but the sun is peaking through. Now that we're in the dog days of summer, it's a great time for us all to take a refresher course in Sunscreen 101. Even if it's not completely sunny, you should still lather up before spending a lot of time outside. The sun's damaging UV light can pass through clouds, and you can still get burned - especially if you're by the water.

Methodist Health System has put together this guide for reading sunscreen labels so you how to buy what's right for you. One thing that's not on the label - common operator errors. My biggest mistake - using a spray outside in the wind. I think everything I sprayed blew away before hitting my skin, giving the beach chairs some great UV protection, and leaving me unprotected. Ouch - it's a mistake I only made once!