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Women's Imaging & Mammography

Technologically advanced women’s imaging

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Women are at higher risk for certain serious health issues like breast cancer and osteoporosis. Thankfully, it is possible to detect these diseases in the early stages, giving you and your healthcare team an advantage when treating and managing them. At Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, we have invested in advanced imaging technology to build a comprehensive Women’s Imaging Center.

Why choose the Breast Center at Methodist Mansfield for your breast screening?

  • We are fully accredited in mammography, breast ultrasound, and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy.
  • Digital ultrasounds are fast and accurate, allowing the images to be magnified or manipulated for better clarity.
  • To ensure you receive high quality and most accurate diagnosis, every image is double checked using enhanced breast screening technology.
  • Computer Aided Detection Enhanced Breast Cancer Screening – The Computer Aided Detection is a computer system that detects abnormalities in mammogram results, helping radiologists find hard-to-detect signs of breast cancer.

3D Mammography

Some of the advantages of digital and 3D mammograms include:

  • A soft, warm cushion used during the mammogram makes the exam more comfortable
  • Digital images are produced electronically, instead of on film, with a larger viewing area that better accommodates diverse shapes and sizes
  • It's faster and more accurate — images are generated within seconds
  • Images can be magnified and manipulated for optimum clarity
  • All images are double-checked using computer aided detection enhanced breast screening technology
  • Electronic images make it easier for consultation among health care specialists and reduce the risk of misplaced or damaged films

Our women’s imaging services include:

  • Breast Ultrasound – Ultrasounds are used for both diagnostic purposes and for ultrasound guided biopsies
  • Breast biopsy with 3D, stereo-tactic and ultrasound guided technologies
  • Savi Scout placement for surgical planning
  • Bone density test – In this simple, painless procedure, radiologists perform a scan of the skeletal system to measure bone density. This test can detect osteoporosis in the early stages so you can take precautions to prevent breaking bones.

Who needs a mammogram?

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommends yearly mammography beginning at age 40. Women with a family history of breast cancer may need to start screening sooner. If you have a family history of breast cancer, ask your doctor when you should start getting regular mammograms.

Who is eligible for a screening mammogram?

A woman is eligible for a screening mammogram if she is:

  • Age 40 or older
  • Not pregnant or nursing
  • At least 5 years out from previously diagnosed breast cancer
  • Not currently experiencing any breast symptoms, such as a lump or breast pain
  • Has not had a mammogram within the past 12 months

Nurse Navigation

We understand the importance of continuous, individualized breast care — and that medical care is not always one size fits all. Our goal is to provide a complete cycle of care to every woman served within our center and for all care to be of the highest standard.

Continuous support is available for those with identified breast problems through a skilled and tenured nurse navigation team. Our nurses are available to assist you with addressing barriers to care, obtaining physician orders for follow-up exams, understanding breast disease and breast cancer diagnosis, participation in and referrals to support groups, following up with medical tests and office visits in a timely manner, and much more.

ACR accreditation

Methodist's Breast Centers have earned accreditation by the Texas Department of State Health Services in mammography and ultrasound, and have been recognized by the American College of Radiology (ACR) for achievement in high standards of practice.

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