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Joint Academy

Better informed, better outcomes

The Joint Academy at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center offers a comprehensive orthopedic care program to help you get back on your feet. By using the latest minimally invasive techniques orthopedic surgeons restore mobility to the joints and improves the patient’s quality of life. Patients typically experience less pain and a shorter recovery time. The Joint Academy at Methodist Mansfield offers a free educational online and in-person workshop that assists in preparing patients for their total joint replacement. This class promotes the best possible surgical outcome that provides a faster return to normal daily activity.

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center will help orthopedic patients with their recovery by having them participate in a Vox OrthoCare pathway program.
The program, VOX OrthoCare, coordinates the physician’s care instructions with an easy-to-navigate, web-based program that guides and tracks patients from diagnosis to recovery. Patients undergoing major joint replacement will receive online information and videos in advance of surgery to prepare for and better understand their procedure. Following surgery, patients and their families receive action steps to aid in recovery, alerts to ensure compliance, and progress reports and messaging to stay connected with the physician and care team.

Through VOX OrthoCare, orthopedic patients scheduled for joint replacement surgery will receive access to a web-based portal prior to their procedure. In the portal, patients and coaches they select receive checklists with tasks and action steps to be completed before and after surgery. An online alert system sends email reminders to patients and coaches if a task has not been completed.

The care team is alerted when patient compliance and readiness for surgery is in question or post-surgery complications are a concern. Patients can also ask questions and confidentially receive answers from their physician and care team.

The Joint Academy is an educational program where patients attend an online and in-person session prior to their surgery. The online program can be completed at your own pace and will help you understand what will happen before, during, and after surgery. The in-person session will be conducted by a Joint Academy nurse, therapist, and social worker who will help prepare you both mentally and physically for upcoming joint replacement surgery.

To learn more or register, please call the Joint Academy Navigator at 682-242-0462.