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Home Safety and Preparation Checklist

If it is helpful for you, use the Home Preparation Checklist below as a way to keep track of the preparations that you want to do prior to your surgery. If the task is not applicable to you, click the N/A button.

Arrange kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom supplies so they can be reached with limited bending and reaching. Do not use step stools.

Arrange for meal preparation or freeze meals ahead of time.

Remove throw rugs from around the house and tack down larger loose carpets.

Arrange furniture in your home so that you can walk easily.

Provide good lighting throughout your house. Change any burned-out lights. Install night-lights in the bathroom, hallways, and bedroom.

Arrange assistance for young children or anyone you may be caring for in your home.

Make arrangements for care and safety of your pets, boarding them if necessary.

Make sure all pathways throughout your home are free and clear of clutter and tripping hazards. Keep lamp cords, telephone cords, and oxygen tubing out of your pathway.

Identify chairs with back support and armrests that will be appropriate following surgery.

Place a non-skid mat on the shower floor to prevent falls.

Do not use towel bars or toilet paper holders as grab bars, as they may pull out of the wall easily.

Check your porch rails to ensure they are sturdy.

Keep a phone with you at all times.

Ensure that your glasses are up to date and you can see clearly.

Arrange for transportation as needed.

Arrange for assistance with home chores such as cleaning, laundry, or changing bed sheets as needed.