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Orthopedic Care in Mansfield

Restoring function, relieving pain, regaining independence

Rally back to peak performance at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. Our orthopedic and sports medicine specialists use advanced treatments to maximize mobility and minimize pain. Should knee or hip replacement be required, the Methodist Mansfield Joint Academy can give you a head start on your recovery. Regardless of the source of your joint pain, we can help you get off the sidelines and back to an active life.

We offer comprehensive orthopedic care – including some of the latest orthopedic surgical techniques, medical procedures, physical therapy, and occupational therapy — to help you overcome orthopedic injuries, degenerative diseases, and orthopedic conditions that affect your ability to move.

General orthopedics

  • Fracture and broken bone care
  • Orthopedic trauma care
  • Sports injuries

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)

  • ACL repair

Ankle and foot

  • Ankle surgery
  • Foot surgery
  • Toe joint fusion


  • Osteotomy to realign joints damaged by arthritis

Back and neck

  • Spinal fusion for slipped disks, back curvature, or back injury
  • Discectomy for herniated discs or chronic back pain
  • Artificial disc replacement surgery


  • Elbow reconstruction

Hand and wrist

  • Hand surgery including nerve release, joint fusion, and digit replacement
  • Carpal tunnel repair


  • Hip joint reconstruction and replacement
  • Anterior approach to hip replacement
  • Hip resurfacing


  • Knee joint reconstruction and replacement
  • Partial knee replacement surgery
  • Minimally invasive knee replacement
  • Minimally invasive partial knee replacement
  • Knee joint arthroscopy


  • Shoulder joint reconstruction
  • Shoulder joint replacement
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Shoulder arthroscopy

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