Specialized Infant Care

Routine to Advanced Infant Care Available at Methodist Mansfield

Your baby is one of a kind. To make sure our services meet your baby’s unique needs, Methodist Mansfield Medical Center offers everything from routine to advanced infant care.

Well-Baby Nursery

Our well-baby nursery is the setting for standard exams and testing, as well as a safe and nurturing place for infants to stay when mothers need precious rest.

Specialized Infant CareLevel IIIA Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Level IIIA NICUat Methodist Mansfield delivers care around the clock to preterm and fragile infants.

A multidisciplinary team of nurses, respiratory therapists, educators, discharge planners, advanced neonatal nurse practitioners, and board-certified neonatologists provides intensive care for infants requiring special care from 28 weeks gestation to full term.

The Methodist Mansfield Level IIIA NICU is equipped with some of the latest technology and offers an intimate environment, where light, temperature, and noise are controlled to stimulate babies to grow.

Our highly skilled and certified neonatal nurses provide individualized care to the infants and comfort and reassurance to parents and families.