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Medication Safety

Educate Before You Medicate

Methodist Health System is partnering with the DFW Hospital Council, the Dallas County Medical Society, and the Tarrant County Medical Society to help consumers protect their health by knowing what medications they take regularly.

This initiative, called "Educate Before You Medicate," encourages everyone to carry an accurate, up-to-date list of their medications in their wallets or purses. This list is a very handy tool when visiting a physician, or in the case of an emergency - especially when traveling out of town.

Know, Share, Participate
There are three easy steps to taking an active role in your health care where medicines are involved:

  1. Educate. Know what medicines you take and why.
  2. Communicate. Be prepared to accurately communicate your medication information to health care providers, because not all medicines mix well.
  3. Participate. Protect yourself when visiting a health care provider by carrying a list of the medicines you take. (Download a form below).

Download a Medication Information Form
DFW Hospital Council has developed a form to help you keep track of your medications. Click below to download a wallet-sized "My Personal Medication Information Form" in either English or Spanish. The forms are formatted for Microsoft Word.

My Personal Medication Information Form (English)
Mi Tarjeta de Medicamentos (español)