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Echocardiogram and Digital Echos North Texas

Ultrasound Imaging of the Heart

An echocardiogram, often called an echo, uses ultrasound to produce images of the heart as it beats. The images show the structure of the heart’s valves and chambers, as well as whether it’s pumping blood normally.

Who Needs an Echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram may be recommended if your doctor suspects you have heart disease or another problem with heart function. The test is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of medical or surgical treatments for heart problems.

Echocardiograms With Digital Echos

The cardiac digital echo allows doctors to see details of the heart’s anatomy (valves, vessels, and walls) as it beats. The test produces clearer images than traditional techniques. It also allows the heart to be viewed from two different angles at the same time.

Who Needs an Echocardiogram with Digital Echo?

This new technology may be used for adults or children with heart problems. The superior quality of the images of a digital echo can help doctors find problems that can’t be seen with traditional echocardiograms. Digital echo may also be used to help doctors guide catheters with more precision during heart exams.

An Echocardiogram must be ordered by a physician.