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SAVI Radiation Therapy

A Five-Day Treatment for Early Stage Breast Cancer

About SAVI

SAVI is a five-day radiation treatment after lumpectomy for breast cancer that delivers radiation from within the breast. The SAVI applicator consists of an expandable bundle of tubes, each of which can deliver a different dose of precisely targeted radiation. Because SAVI offers so much more flexibility in the strength of the dosage, a larger group of women can benefit from it. SAVI is an appropriate option for women with early-stage breast cancer. If the SAVI applicator is right for you, the reduction in treatment time from several weeks to five days can be a benefit in helping you return to your normal life sooner.

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Methodist Dallas Medical Center was the first hospital in Texas to offer the advanced radiation therapy SAVITM and is one of only 12 facilities in the greater Dallas - Fort Worth area named as Centers of Excellence in accelerated partial breast irradiation for their use of SAVI.