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Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery

Compassionate cancer care

Battling cancer can be scary enough as it is, but a surgical procedure can make the process even more daunting. Luckily, our hospitals offer the best in cancer care by utilizing cutting-edge technology and revolutionary treatment practices, including surgical techniques. If you need surgery to remove breast cancer, you may be eligible for our Hidden Scar® breast cancer surgery.

At Methodist Health System, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the very best care possible. We do our best to provide our patients with as many treatment options as possible and we are committed to making your experience as clear and comfortable as possible.

Understanding Breast Cancer Surgery

Some forms of breast cancer can be surgically removed by several different procedures. Depending on the severity of the cancer and a few other factors, your doctor may recommend a mastectomy procedure or a lumpectomy. During a mastectomy, the surgeon will remove all breast tissue in order to be sure that all cancerous tissue is removed. A lumpectomy, by contrast, will only remove a portion of the breast tissue, leaving non-cancerous tissue behind.

About the Hidden Scar® Techniques

Unlike other procedures, a Hidden Scar procedure will be as noninvasive as possible, aiming to keep as much of the breast intact as possible. The surgeon will make the incision where it will be difficult to see after the skin has healed. The incision could be located underneath the breast, to the side of the breast, or around the nipple.

Once the incision has been made, the surgeon will then remove the breast tissue and leave the breast skin and nipple fully intact and ready for the implants. When this method is performed during a mastectomy, it is referred to as a nipple-sparing procedure.

The Benefits

If you have to undergo surgery to remove breast cancer from your body, it is important that you understand your options. Some options are better than others, and what is considered the best option in one person’s situation might not be the best choice in yours. That being said, there are several benefits of a Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery that should be considered.

The benefits of Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery include:

  • Minimal scars
  • No visible, emotionally painful reminder of your procedure
  • The nipple remains intact, even for mastectomy patients
  • The procedure does not increase your chances of cancer reoccurrence

With a Hidden Scar breast cancer procedure, the cancerous tissue is still removed just as it would be through a more traditional surgical method. The key difference is the method of the tissue removal, which focuses on the preservation of the breast skin and nipple to create minimal scarring. Because all of the cancerous tissue is still removed, either through a lumpectomy or a mastectomy, this surgical approach does not alter the patient’s chances of cancer reoccurrence.