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Volunteers & Supporters of Methodist Health System

An auxiliary is defined as a person(s) or thing that gives aid of any kind, a helper if you will. Auxiliaries play an integral role in supporting charitable organizations, and it’s exactly what the Methodist Health System Auxiliaries have been doing for nearly a century. Each of them serves their local medical center through various kinds of support, volunteering, and fundraising efforts. Composed of active community leaders and women from local United Methodist Women’s groups associated with the United Methodist Church, the Auxiliaries have shown an unrelenting dedication in assisting Methodist in furthering its mission to improve and save lives through compassionate, quality healthcare.

There is only one criterion for membership, and that’s to have an active interest in supporting the programs and services of Methodist Health System. The Methodist Auxiliaries’ objective is to cultivate the interest of persons, regardless of their religious affiliations, in the spirit of serving with compassion, integrity, and respect.

History of the Auxiliaries:

Founded in April 1922, the Auxiliary was created by the United Methodist Women’s group at First United Methodist Church Dallas. Today, the Methodist Dallas Medical Center Auxiliary (known then as the Women’s Auxiliary) has an established and rich history of supporting physicians, nurses, healthcare teams, and patients alike. The Methodist Dallas Auxiliary’s first order of business was to raise $70,000 in capital funds to contribute to the construction of the original Methodist Dallas Medical Center (then called Dallas Methodist Hospital), which was completed in 1927.

Through the years, the Methodist Dallas Auxiliary found many ways to contribute to the sustaining of the hospital, including through fundraisers, donation drives, volunteering, and nursing scholarships. The Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Auxiliary began in 2006 with the opening of the hospital, and then the Methodist Charlton Medical Center Auxiliary was added in August 2010.