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After Liver Transplant Surgery

What to Expect After Transplant Surgery at the Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center

After Liver Transplant Surgery

Learn more about what to expect after liver transplant surgery at The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Dallas, Texas liver transplantAfter a routine liver transplant most patients remain in the hospital for five days to two weeks. If you have complications or other medical problems, your length of stay may vary. You may be hospitalized longer if you receive more than one organ.


Before you are discharged, you will be given extensive instructions to follow at home. Your transplant coordinator will make sure you are familiar with all the requirements to care for yourself and take your medications.

If you live more than two hours from The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, you will need to stay in the area until your condition is stable. On-site accommodations are available, as well as comfortable hotel suites near the hospital. Shuttle service is provided to and from the hotel and the hospital. Once your condition is stable, you can see your local doctor.

Post-transplant Lab Work and Physical Exams

After your discharge, your transplant doctors and coordinators at The Liver Institute will follow you very closely. To ensure that your transplanted organ works for as long as possible, you must continue with regular lab tests and physical exams. The first 90 days following a transplant are the most critical. During the first month, there will be frequent blood tests to monitor drug levels and to detect any early rejection episodes. If the liver is functioning well and you are doing well without adverse reactions and infections, the blood tests and visits to The Liver Institute will be slowly tapered off in the following months. One year after the liver transplant, you will be expected to have a blood test and return to The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas every six months.

Other post-transplant Health Restrictions

In addition to taking medications, there are other requests and restrictions for transplant patients, such as:

  • Regular exercise
  • Avoiding weight gain
  • Wearing sunscreen
  • Avoiding infections

In general, following good health practices will help ensure a more successful result. Most patients feel better and have more energy after their organ transplant.