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GI Cancers: Treatments & Procedures

You can trust the care of more than 20 Methodist Richardson physicians on our medical staff who specialize in highly complex gastrointestinal cases. Procedures offered include:


    • Robotic colon resection
    • Robotic rectal resection
    • Minimally invasive transanal resection of tumors


    • Esophagectomy- robotic or open
    • Treatment of diverticulum of the esophagus

    Hepatic/Pancreatic / Biliary (HPB)

    • Bile Duct
      • Repair of bile duct injuries
      • Bypass of bile duct for obstruction
      • Treatment of primary bile duct tumors
      • Surgical removal of bile duct stones
      • Treatment of bile duct cystic disease
    • Gallbladder
      • Management of gallbladder cancer
    • Liver
      • Liver resection- robotic and open
      • Unroofing of liver cysts
      • Major trisection
      • Intra-arterial therapies
      • Ablative therapies- percutaneous, open, and laparoscopic
      • Therapies to downsize tumors to resection
      • Treatment of primary liver tumors and metastatic tumors
    • Pancreas
      • Whipple procedure- robotic and open
      • Distal pancreatectomy- robotic and open
      • Enucleation for cysts and neuroendocrine tumors
      • Pancreatic debridement
      • Cyst drainage- endoscopic and surgical
      • Puestow procedure

    Small Bowel

    • Resection of small bowel tumors
    • Treatment of elusive bleeding from the small bowel
    • Management of neuroendocrine tumors of small bowel


    • Stomach cancer removal
    • Bypass of stomach related to benign disease

    We’re committed to advancing treatment options for GI cancer. Our strong research program continues to improve processes and care for patients like you. Our clinical research coordinator at the cancer center works with patients to help access potential trials and research studies.

    Learn more about our program