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Richardson Diabetes Services

Teaching Patients How to Manage Diabetes At Home

Located on the Methodist Campus for Continuing Care, the Diabetes Self-Management Program can help educate and support people as they work to manage diabetes and build healthy lifestyles.

Diabetes support groups, classes, events, and seminars can help:

  • Educate people about diabetes, including types of diabetes, signs, diabetes symptoms, prevention, management, and treatment of diabetes
  • Advise individuals on the dangers of uncontrolled diabetes
  • Explain how to monitor blood sugar, what blood sugar levels should be, and how blood sugar control helps protect health
  • Help create satisfying and healthful meal plans to fit individual lifestyles
  • Explain how regular exercise is essential for controlling body weight and blood sugar
  • Help form exercise habits people enjoy
  • Teach how to prepare and inject medications, if needed
  • Follow up with participants to make sure they have the tools needed to maintain good health with diabetes

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Contact Us

For questions about the Diabetes Self-Management Program and its costs, or to refer a patient to the program, contact:

Heather Beard
Methodist Campus for Continuing Care
401 W Campbell Rd.
Richardson, Texas 75080
(469) 204-6961