Cancer Services

Comprehensive, Compassionate Cancer Care in Dallas

You should not take cancer lightly, but it is equally important not to let it overwhelm you. Cancer is a serious disease, but one in which medical science has come a long way in treating and managing symptoms. At Methodist Dallas Medical Center, we offer North Texan a close to home resource for comprehensive cancer care. We back up our patients with high quality care, dedicated attention, and positive reinforcement. Our compassionate team will be by your side from initial diagnosis and through the final stages of treatment, wherever that may be.

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Cancer support and cancer resources

Because we know that the effects of cancer go beyond you and your body, our cancer program focuses on the well-being of the whole family. Information about cancer, hope, empathy, and help with difficult decisions are available through Support Groups, American Cancer Society (ACS) Volunteers, Cancer nurse navigators, genetic testing, and more.