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Emergency Care in Midlothian Methodist Midlothian Medical Center

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Prepared for Every Kind of Medical Emergency

The Methodist Midlothian emergency room is equipped with:

  • Crash carts, airway carts, and procedural trays, in private emergency treatment rooms, to provide the optimum level of emergency care to save someone's life
  • Large cardiac resuscitation rooms equipped to handle life-threatening emergencies, such as a full cardiac arrest or heart attack
  • A general radiography room which allows for quick access of general diagnostic studies to obtain results in a timely manner
  • Rapid access to ICU, CT/MRI, and other critical diagnostics as warranted by the patient's condition

Emergency treatment rooms have:

  • Private walls
  • Special equipment and lighting to provide optimum visibility
  • Most equipment conveniently located in the room for quick set-up
  • Easy access to hallway bathroom.

Some emergency treatment rooms are isolation-negative pressure rooms, specifically designed with special air flow ducts that control the airflow in the rooms to better control or isolate an airborne infection.

For life-threatening or serious conditions, do not use QuickER, please call 911 or seek immediate medical attention.

QuickER is intended only for individuals with non-life threatening or non-debilitating medical conditions.

This online scheduling service estimates treatment times based on current patient volumes and allows users to wait from the comfort of their home, rather than the ER Waiting Room. Users do not skip the ER wait, or move ahead of individual in the ER Waiting Room. Users are placed in a queue, and given a projected treatment time. In the event that the projected treatment time is delayed, due to individuals with emergent conditions presenting to the ER, QuickER Users are sent real-time notifications via a phone call and email so they can continue waiting at home.