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Mansfield Colon Resection Surgery

Treatment for diverticulosis

Colon resection surgery is a procedure used to remove part of the organ when it has become infected by dangerous diseases. It is often used for treating cancer, diverticulitis, blockages, and severe bleeding.

Diverticulosis is a common condition that occurs when outpouchings develop and make their way out of weak spots in a person’s colon. These outpouchings typically form in the lower part of the colon, referred to as the sigmoid colon. If just one pouch develops, it is called a diverticulum. In the event multiple pouches form, they are called diverticula. In most cases, people suffering from diverticulosis do not display any symptoms or have any known problems. However, when a person starts to display symptoms or has problems related to infection of these outpouchings, it is called diverticulitis.

What to Expect During Colon Surgery

At Surgical Associates of Mansfield, we specialize in minimally invasive surgeries using state-of-the-art robotic surgical systems. In many cases, colon resection can be performed using these methods. This reduces risk of infection and speeds up the post-surgery recovery time.

Colon resection is a major surgery. Anesthesia will be provided so that you remain asleep during the operation. During the procedure, the diseased portion of the colon and surrounding tissue will be removed from the body. The remaining healthy portions of tissue will be joined together using surgical staples.

Some patients may require a colostomy if large portions of the colon were removed. A colostomy is an opening in the skin which can transport waste material from the colon into a bag. Sometimes these are temporary, but some patients will need a permanent opening.

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To learn more about diverticulitis and when colon resection surgery is necessary, please do not hesitate to contact Surgical Associates of Mansfield. Our knowledgeable surgical staff are committed to putting each and every patient and their health first. We understand how important our health is to you and are here to do everything we can to alleviate your symptoms, which may mean surgery.