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What is the difference between Methodist Premier Wellness and standard primary care practices?

With the membership model, we can make non-office care readily available. If your concerns or questions do not require an in-office physical exam, your doctor can address your needs in a phone conversation or online message exchange. This means a lot more convenience for you with fewer trips to the medical office. For many, it means not losing valuable work time or sick leave to take care of your personal medical needs.

You can expect same day or next business day urgent care appointments with your doctor, access to your doctor via telephone, cell phone and secure messaging, and timely responses to your questions.

Will my health insurance pay for all this?

We will bill your insurance when you are seen in the office. Most insurance plans provide coverage only for in person office visits. Insurance plans rarely cover phone visits and online messaging/visits. To provide you with this expanded service, we have chosen to adopt the membership model.

How exactly does the membership model work?

Once you are enrolled, your credit card will be billed monthly, at the beginning of each month, for monthly fee. For example, for services provided in January, your payment will be made on January 1st. When you come in for an in person visit, your insurance will be billed for the office visit. Co-pays and deductibles will be applied. You will be billed for whatever your insurance does not cover.

Is there a special rate for children? Is there a family discount?

Yes, we do offer a family discount. After the initial family member has joined the program, additional eligible dependents* can join at a discounted price, please contact our office for our pricing model.

*Eligible Dependent: The spouse or a child of the initial patient, which must have a specific relationship or relation to the patient, and must have the same principal place of abode or must be listed on the initial patient’s health plan coverage.

What does the monthly membership fee cover?

  • Extended face-to-face visits with your doctor.
  • Same day or next day appointment with your doctor for acute care needs.
  • Access to your doctor via telephone, personal cell phone or secure messaging.

Is the membership model/concierge medicine legal?

Yes. The fee covers additional services that are above and beyond what your insurance covers. It doesn’t change their coverage or infringe upon our contracts with them as we’re providing and billing for covered services the way our contract dictates.