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Bronchial Thermoplasty Procedure for Severe Asthma at Methodist Charlton Medical Center

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), asthma accounts for approximately 13 million asthma attacks, 2 million emergency room visits, 500,000 hospitalizations and 4,000 deaths each year.

Methodist Charlton Medical Center is now offering the first non-drug procedure approved by the FDA for the treatment of severe persistent asthma in patients 18 years and older. The Alair Bronchial Thermoplasty System can make a big difference in the lives of those whose asthma is not well-controlled with standard asthma medications. In addition to reducing asthma attacks, the number of asthma medications, emergency department visits, hospitalization, days off work and school, and health care costs, the procedure can greatly improve the patient’s quality of life. Methodist Charlton is the only facility in the southern Dallas County area offering the treatment, and one of the few in the state of Texas.

What is Bronchial Thermoplasty?

  • Bronchial Thermoplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure performed in three outpatient visits, each treating a different area of the lungs and scheduled approximately three weeks apart.
  • Bronchial Thermoplasty is performed with a long, flexible tube called a bronchoscope that is inserted through the mouth or nose and allows the physician to see inside the airways.
  • The device applies mild heat inside the airways to reduce excessive muscle tissue, which helps minimize airway constriction.
  • No incision is needed.
  • Each Bronchial Thermoplasty session is performed under sedation and typically takes less than an hour.
  • After all three procedures are performed, the treatment is complete.

Benefits of Bronchial Thermoplasty

  • 5 years of efficacy
  • 79% of people show improvement
  • 32% of people saw decrease of asthma attacks
  • 84% reduction in ER visits for respiratory symptoms
  • 73% reduction in hospitalization for respiratory symptoms
  • 66% less days lost from work, school and other daily activities due to asthma

To find a physician who performs bronchial thermoplasty, please call 214-947-0000

Asthma Arithmetic: BT is Worth it

You do the math: Asthma attacks + emergency department visits + medications + missed days of work = X

In this case, X equals a lot of time, money, and freedom lost to asthma.

Now consider the numbers for bronchial thermoplasty (BT), the first nondrug procedure approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of severe, persistent asthma in patients 18 years and older:

3 outpatient visits.
At each visit, a different area of the lungs is treated.
6 weeks total.
Treatments are scheduled approximately three weeks apart and last less than an hour.
0 incisions.
BT is minimally invasive. A bronchoscope device applies mild heat inside the airways to reduce excessive muscle tissue, which helps minimize airway constriction.

That adds up to more freedom, better health, and the quality of life you desire.