Foundation Board of Trustees

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

Methodist Health System Foundation relies on our volunteer board of trustees to help fulfill fiduciary, programmatic, and financial responsibilities. The board is ultimately responsible for the financial well-being of the Foundation and its effectiveness.

We are proud to partner with these esteemed community leaders:

  • R. Stephen Folsom, Chair
  • Pete Schenkel, Vice Chair
  • Craig A. Albert
  • Allie Beth Allman
  • Selwin Belofsky
  • William J. Bennett, M.D.
  • The Rev. Don R. Benton, D.Min.
  • Tiffany Louder
  • Nancy S. Bierman
  • Randall Canedy
  • John M. Collins
  • Aubrey Connatser
  • The Rev. Stanley R. Copeland, D.Min.
  • Rev. Mark Craig
  • Levi H. Davis
  • Rev. Linda Roby
  • John R. Ford
  • Joe B. Fortson
  • Jerome Garza
  • Stanley V. Graff
  • Sylvia Hargrave, M.D.
  • Craig D. Hodges
  • Nancy Ann Hunt
  • Michael L. Hutton
  • James M. Johnston
  • Darrell E. Jordan
  • Ashlee Kleinert
  • Jack Lowe Jr.
  • Harold MacDowell
  • Stephen L. Mansfield, PhD, FACHE
  • David B. Miller
  • Rebekah Mitchell
  • G. David Neal
  • The Rev. Paul Rasmussen
  • D. Michael Redden
  • Warren L. Rutherford
  • Carol Paris Seay
  • Paul R. Seegers
  • George A. Shafer
  • Charles C. Tandy, M.D.
  • Beth Thoele
  • Michelle Thomas
  • R. Gerald Turner, PhD
  • Roderick Washington
  • Julie Yarbrough

May 25, 2015
Methodist Health System Foundation Welcomes Allie Beth Allman, Mark Craig, and Paul Rasmussen to the Foundation Board of Trustees

March 3, 2015
Methodist Health System Foundation Names Three New Board Members