Urology Patient Success Stories

Linda Canedyurinary incontinence success story
Pelvic floor rehabilitation at Methodist Mansfield cured Linda Canedy’s incontinence and gave her back her active lifestyle.

Manley Carpenter – kidney disease success story
Nutcracker Syndrome (NCS) is rare enough that many doctors whom the Carpenters consulted had never heard of it. But two doctors who had heard of it — and, even better, had experience treating it — were at
Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Beth Davis – overactive bladder success story
Minimally invasive surgery at Methodist Mansfield allowed Beth Davis to move past urinary incontinence and plunge back into an active lifestyle.

Anthony Ellis – prostate cancer success story
In 2011, my PSA (prostate-specific antigen)shot up to 4. We did another biopsy at Methodist Dallas Medical Center and bam! There it was: cancer. That was the bad news. The good news was that we had caught it early, so I had a 95 percent chance of surviving.

Jean Heffernan-Sims – urinary incontinence success story
With help from the pelvic floor rehabilitation program at Methodist Mansfield, Jean Heffernan-Sims is putting a stop to incontinence.

Lt. Anthony Rounds – prostate cancer success story
In hindsight I wish I’d had it sooner, before the cancer had spread. Some cells remained even after my prostate was removed, requiring eight weeks of radiation therapy. I’m now cancer-free, but running from surgery only made it harder